Följ med till Wales

Gå kurs i Wales Under 2017 kör vi kurs i April och Oktober i Wales. Just nu har vi 3 lediga platser på Aprilkursen och 6 lediga platser på Oktoberkursen. Häng med oss, skaffa kamrater, kela med tumlare och sälar, lär dej massor och unna dej ett gäng nässköljningar i härligt Atlantvatten. Men vi varnar dej. Man blir gärna beroende. Fråga Calle, Leena, Ulf, Ylva, Johan, Jenny, Bengt, Sanna, Danne, Titti t ex. Läs mer och boka här.

A misty trip to Stora Kalholmen

A misty trip to Stora Kalholmen There were 12 of us, launching from Horisont Kajak at Norråva, aiming for Stora Kalholmen. Laughter all over the place. Some tense faces, since it was an early premiere for a few of the group members. A few drops of rain accompanied us on our way to the lunch place at Gällnö. We watched the fog roll in. The archipelago turned into more than 50 shades of grey. We disturbed it by our colorful dry suits and happy kayak colors. We got to practise some navigation skills, hopping between the islands. Stora Kalholmen welcomed us with open arms. The sauna was warm within an hour. The fireplace made us even warmer. It wasn't easy to leave on Sunday morning. The fog let go and was replaced by a shimmering sun. The water turned in to a glittering playground and finally, our sun glasses came to use. 12 happy kayakers returned to Norråva with a few blisters, one or two stiff body parts but mostly good memories to save in the feel-good-hatch. Thank you all, for a fantastic trip. Let's go again. Soon.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - a wet story We flew in to Colombo, headed down to Ahangama to join the surf camp at Lapoint. One week of playing the waves. Or were the waves playing us? Along with the surfing, we attended a few yoga classes at Sri Yoga Shala, a 15 minute tuk tuk drive from Ahangama. A week later, after a crazy 5 hour drive, we reached Kithulgala with it's lush hills and green river. A perfect playground for canyoning, rafting and white water kayaking. Perfect conditions and really skilled staff as well as delicious food. Walking up Sri Pada, the most holy mountain in Sri Lanka, is obviously a must. At least for Lars. I went along the 5 500 steps to the peak in the middle of the night. We even managed to get on a couple of mountain bikes just before we travelled down to Tangalle for a few days rest.