MEET THE TEAM 2017 The Horisont Kajak Team 2017 These ladies are our core. Sanna, Karolina or Carin welcome you when you arrive at Horisont Kajak for picking up your rental kayak. You will meet us when you arrive for a course or if you want to test a kayak from Seakayaking UK. Sanna has enriched our business (and life) for 4 years now. A trained wilderness guide who takes on every challenge with a Finnish Sisu calmness. She runs the rental division, coaches courses and fixes broken kayaks. Karolina is a born natural when it comes to customer relations. She is a trained wilderness guide with a big smile. She is head of the grass trimmer, a wizard with the accounting system and helps out with courses and guiding. Carin stands in the Control Tower and has been running Horisont Kajak for 12 years now. She is never where you would expect her to be. And she never finds her keys. But if you look to the horizon, you might spot her. THE COACHES Meet our coaches. The guys who have human jobs and runs off to coach and practice sea kayaking and coaching on their